About me

Rich is the one who has no dept - happy is the one who lives without desease.

                                                                            old proverb


Pain takes the zest for life. I want you to feel better - that´s my incentive.

my aim: together we will find the right therapy - a therapy that will help you return to a jaunty everyday life.

Martina Pollwein

Senior Physiotherapist


I have been working for more than 30 years as a registered Physiotherapist , as well as representative / head of physical therapy departments, in hospitals, private clinics, rehabilitation centers and private practices.

My fields of activities are diversified, from intensive and internal medicine via orthopedics/traumatology up to geriatric medicine.

Besides my professional activity I have worked as a tutor, supervisor and instructor on behalf of different institutions and in adult education.


Since 2007 I am living in Spain and working here as an officially recognized Physiotherapist.


In 2013 I started specializing in hand therapy and finally obtained in 2017 the licence as Spanish CHT awarded by the Spanish Hand Therapy Association AETEMA. I completed my training with a fellowship at the Christine M. Kleinert Institute in Louisville KY, USA and as invited visitor at several hand Therapy centres in Spain, England and Germany.

Since 2013 I am closely collaborating with the recognized Center for Hand and Microsurgery GECOT S.L. in San Cristobal de La Laguna.