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quickly accessible in the greater area of Santa Cruz - La Laguna you will find my center in the shopping mall Centro Comercial CONCORDE in Taco.

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find more information under therapy or please call us on our mobile 656891067 or 610039776

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Scientific activities

Since 2012 Martina has publishes articles in wellrespected journals of hand therapy / hand surgery; furthermore she realized oral presentations in national congresses and contributed papers in poster or e-poster format at national / international congresses:



oral presentation at the

III Jornadas de la AETEMA in Palma de Mallorca



2014:                               RICMA Vol42 (1)

"Bases biológicas y mecánicas del tratamiento ortésico en la patología de la mano. Teoría delcontrol de la cicatrización de Kleinert"

(co-author publication)


2014:                               RICMA Vol42 (2)


"Nivel de evidencia de la RICMA comparada con el JHSE y JHSA"


(co-author publication)



2014:                                        POSTER


"Resultados del tratamiento de Fisioterapia de la mano extrínseca posttraumática abordadad con procedimiento de Littler y artrolisis metacarpofalángica"


Accesit for best poster presentation at the

II congreso Internacional del COFC in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria



oral presentation at the

IV Congreso nacional de Terapeutas de Mano AETEMA in Murcia



oral presentation at the

V Congreso nacional de la AETEMA in Marbella



2019:                                     e-POSTER


"Hand Therapy program following AIN-to-ulnar motor group nerve transfer after failed cubital tunel surgery with intrinsic palsy applying specific "donator push" techniques, splinting and desensitization

programme." (author)

ePoster contribution at the

11th IFSHT (World Hand Therapy) and FESSH Congress in Berlin



2020:                                    e-POSTER


"Posttraumatic extrinsic hand stiffness secondary to starry weeverfish sting: Splinting and rehabilitation treatment - a case study" (author)



ePoster contribution at the

EFSHT Online! Week 2020 (European Hand Therapy) Congress